Claddagh Ring History

What makes the Claddagh (Cladagh) Ring so interesting is that the true origin of the ring is a mystery. It is a well known fact that the ring was named after the old Irish fishing village of Claddagh, on the Galway coast in Ireland, but no one knows exactly why or when. A popular belief is that a man named Richard Joyce is the creator of the ring and named it after the town where he came from. Another theory is that an Irish woman named Margaret Joyce, who was known for her charitable deeds, had the ring dropped into her lap by a passing eagle as a reward.

Today these rings remain popular among men and women who often buy them as wedding rings or engagement rings. There are many places where they are for sale. The most popular rings are made of gold, silver, and sterling silver. Information on the meaning of the ring and its significance in Irish culture throughout history is presented in a list format below.

Claddagh Ring Historical Facts

Claddagh Ring Descriptive Facts